ASPX/ASP Programming

We offer our clients a wide variety of programming solutions that we can implement on their Web Site. Virtually any program that resides on the PC today can be configured to run on the Web Server, extending the in-house applications to the WEB.

We can take your application, even old-DOS based ones and re-program them for the WEB.

Your existing applications can have new life on the World Wide Web or we can create new ones that deliver state-of-the-art solutions to your Customers and/or Employees.

Applications can be coded in C#, VB or Java. Even legacy code like Fortran and Cobol are supported. What ever your application, we can bring it to life on the Web Server.

An important note: Just because you put your application on the WEB doesn't mean it not secure. We have the tools and the means to create secure and dynamic applications, that safeguard your data. We can even create a secure link into your main in-house system so that your data doesn't live on the WEB, yet your site visitors can still get the access to what you allow them to see.


This entire site is running on a server program. Written in C# for the Microsoft framework 2.0.

Let us create an application for your needs, contact us.

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